Inquiry into the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice Referendum

The Australian Parliament ran an Inquiry into the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice Referendum earlier this year. They opened the Inquiry to public submissions, and over 3000 people shared their ideas and thoughts. The Committee decided to publish less than 10% of the submission, almost exclusively from VIPs, and the rest were labelled as “correspondence” and were not published. In most Inquiries, submissions are usually all published.

Below is my submission to the Inquiry, which was not published.

Dark side of the Voice

“Australians, faced with a decision that will change the country forever, are being peppered with information from the Yes and No campaigns…

As the vote nears, questions are being asked about who is behind the campaigns…

Who is behind the Yes Campaign

The Yes campaign consists of a number of different groups including Yes23, The Uluru Dialogue, Empowering Communities, Together Yes, Uphold & Recognise and Liberals for Yes…

CT Group (formerly Crosby Textor, run by campaign guru Mark Textor, who worked closely with John Howard), has been hired for messaging…”

CT Group Investigation at

Crosby Textor was the early master of smart polling and cut-through political messaging for conservative politics. But 20 years on, the organisation, rebranded as C|T Group, has moved to the very centre of political power while also acting as lobbyists. In a new Crikey series, investigations editor David Hardaker examines C|T’s unique business model and the international levers it pulls.