Possible Plebiscite Questions

To determine the preferences of Australians for a transition from a constitutional monarchy to a constitutional republic, many people have proposed a series of plebiscite questions.

Here are three questions which will give us a full range of options.

Question One – Framework

Would you support replacing the King/Queen and Governor-General with an Australian Head of State for the Commonwealth only? Yes/No?

Yes is for a framework proposed by the ARM and Real Republic groups as a suitable framework for a republic.
No is to keep the existing framework as with the constitutional monarchy where the King/Queen is the head of state for the Commonwealth, the six States, and the Territories all at the same time.

Question Two – Model for a republic

What is your preference on the method to select an Australian Head of State:

  1. Australia’s Head of State appointed by a 2/3 Majority of the Federal Parliament (1999 referendum model)
  2. Australia’s Head of State selected with a direct election across all of Australia (Real Republic Direct Election model)
  3. Australia’s Head of State selected with a state-based direct election in a round robin of the six States, and the Territories combined (Federal Crown of Australia model)
  4. Australia’s Head of State selected with a direct election across all of Australia, where candidates are nominated by Commonwealth and State Parliaments (ARM Australia Choice model)
  5. Australia’s Head of State to remain as the monarch of the United Kingdom through the line of succession to the British Throne (keep the existing default monarchy).
  6. The Prime Minister as Head of Government assumes the role when it is needed (no separate person as Head of State)
  7. None of the above – my preferred option is not listed

Preferential vote with one or more consecutive numbers out of these six options. A vote of 1 is the highest preference, and a vote of 6 is the least preferred.

Question Three – the Crown of Australia

Do you agree to abolish the Crown of Australia? Yes/No

Yes – The Australian Commonwealth, States and Territories will abolish the Crown of Australia in the transition to a republic.
No – The Commonwealth, States and Territories will work with the Governments of the UK and Canada to have the Crown of Australia altered so that the rules for succession to the Crown of Australia are democratic and follow the rules as approved by the Australian people in a successful referendum vote.